Списание Хубавите Къщи

Сряда, 23 Септември 2009 13:48

September 2009 – Spider is the new furniture line consisting of a cupboard, a dining table and a coffee table, all made in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) (in Glacier White colour), produced and distributed by the renowned French furnishings company Roche Bobois. The collection, with minimalist and essential lines, springs from the creativity of designer Daniel Rode.
The strong personality resonating from the collection’s feature decor – intersecting, web-like lines throughout the individual volumes – is replicated in each and every surface, including the table legs and sides of the cupboard. Each piece of the collection highlights workmanship made possible thanks to the versatility of DuPont(tm) Corian(R), which allowed Daniel Rode to imprint a poetic and realist approach into the overall design.
The tables and their structures, made entirely in DuPont(tm) Corian(R), contain no screws or metallic parts of any kind are apparently seamless in nature. The outside of the cupboard doors have been engraved with the same banded pattern, while the interior surface has been “hollowed out” to allow the soft illumination to filter through.
DuPont(tm) Corian(R) has been selected for its pleasing tactility and silk-like touch, its high resistance and superior hygienic performance.

The coffee table Rodia is also a project by Daniel Rode made entirely in DuPont(tm) Corian(R) Glacier White. Its simple line, with rounded corners and no visible joints, is a perfect complement to the furnishings from the Spider collection.